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So, what exactly is clean beauty?

We’re all aware of vegan diets and sustainable wardrobes. Now, open your eyes to nourishing products made naturally, ethically and organically. At asa, we especially curated a ‘No List’ of ingredients - we are not just mindful of what goes in our products, but are also conscious of what to keep out.

Clean ingredients: Beauty edition

Cherish the nourishment of formulations that are more than 92% natural. There’s something about earth-friendly ingredients that make them so essential - you would agree it’s healing, cleansing. This is what purposeful and clean beauty is. Luxury with a purpose to make you and the planet better.

Chemical cleansing is what is making clean beauty the topic of conversation today. Imagine products with less-is-more ingredients from nature, packaging with a luxe feel but entirely sustainable. Isn’t it beautiful?

The experience of a ‘clean awakening’

Clean Awakening is the moment of transition that exists in a small sliver of time.

When it comes to applying a product to your face or even consuming one, we want to really feel the difference. This is what our journey is all about - awaken yourself to clean luxury. It is a balance that the Indian woman has always desired, but perhaps never been able to fully experience. 

Clean Awakening is a feeling of consciousness that makes you choose things that are good for your soul, mind, body, pride, identity, culture, community, humanity, the earth, and its abundance.

The clean beauty revolution is this philosophy of a ‘clean awakening’ - bringing us together on a platform of wellness, empowerment and consciousness. What you apply to your skin defines your perception of yourself, the level of self-confidence and the authenticity of your inner beauty is brought to life. 

Starting your journey of clean beauty

Dear global Indian woman, we understand you. We help you choose from an array of exquisite, purposeful products that are vegan, sustainable, free from animal cruelty and inspried by the purity of nature. Especially curated to suit the Indian skin tones, asa is natural luxury for you.

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