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Explore asa Beauty's natural Lip Collection. Our Lipsticks, Lip Balms, and Lip & Cheek Tints leave your lips nourished and feeling beautiful. Unveil the true beauty of your lips with products that are thoughtfully crafted for Indian skin tones. Embrace clean, natural nourishment for your lips, free from unnecessary additives. An ageless colour palette, suitable for everyday and special occassions - our must haves are all you need in your vanity.

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Why Us? / Why choose asa

Our lip collection is 92% natural, safe, and skin-loving. Sustainably made, our refillable packaging reflects our commitment to a better planet. We prioritize quality, staying true to our core values. With asa, your lips experience nature's care while embracing beauty authentically. Not only is it about choosing more purposefully but also about leaving your lips' needs uncompromised. What's more? Personalise your lifelong cases while picking better.

Benefits of Lips Care

Experience asa Beauty's Lip Collection, a celebration of carefully crafted shades. Choose from Hydra-Matte and Crème Lipsticks, thoughtfully designed for your individual needs. Our Lip and Cheek Tints, in four versatile shades, add radiance to your day or night time looks. Nourish your lips with our softening Lip Balms, providing part color and part care. Our consciously-crafted aluminum cases ensures durability and longevity. asa Beauty - Where conscious beauty meets quality. Discover the many benefits of our Lip collection!

What we stand for

Let’s create a purposeful world where we embrace consciousness consciously, as a collective.