Our story

Welcome aboard the journey of purposeful luxury with asa

A catalyst in empowering one to choose a more conscious way of life –“clean awakening”. asa gives women a choice to embrace authentic products that accentuate their natural beauty, while also preserving the environment.

A beauty brand created for a clean awakening!

asa is natural, cruelty free, vegan and sustainable...inside out.

Purposeful Luxury

High performance yet clean formulations, delivered through aesthetically designed packaging, inspired by nature, elevating high touch experiences all while preserving the planet.

Community & Conscious Living

Bringing together a community of individuals who believe in self-expression of beauty that resonate with their personal values of purposeful luxury, conscious living and above all being Indian.

Proudly Indian

Celebrating the spirit of diversity, entrepreneurship, innovation & self-sufficiency, asa products and packaging are created in India for the very first time delivering experiences with Indian sensibilities..
asa aims to be the discerning Indian woman’s most natural choice, changing the beauty landscape with solutions that are consciously created, carefully crafted and visually beautiful.


With the ‘hope’ of a ‘beautiful’ ‘morning’, she spreads her ‘wings’ to invoke the ‘desire’ of a ‘healing’ ‘culture’.
asa’ - 7 different meanings in 7 different languages, but when weaved together into English translates as: With the ‘hope’ of a ‘beautiful’ ‘morning’, she spreads her ‘wings’ to invoke the ‘desire’ of a ‘healing’ ‘culture.’ This captures the true essence of the brand. The ivory colour packaging has purposefully been chosen, symbolising the movement and choice towards evoking a clean awakening in asa consumers. White signifies purity, light and illumination.

Essentially, it is a lifestyle that begets goodness, with a brand that accentuates it.

What we stand for

Let’s create a purposeful world where we embrace consciousness consciously, as a collective.