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Refills are great for the planet and better for you.

Every asa product is created with intent and purpose for a better, greener world. That’s why all our products are refillable and reusable, to help us build a world focused around less wastage and less plastic consumption, and instead one that embraces reusing and recycling.

Sustainability is what makes the world go around. Literally.


Clean Awakening

Clean Awakening is the moment of transition that exists in a small sliver of time.

It is the human moment where a generation becomes internally aware of past decades of mindless consumption patterns. This includes the glorification and overindulgence of quick, cheap, and artificial materialism. We make choices whose implications last beyond ourselves. It is the understanding that apart from nurturing ourselves, we also take care of the delicate balance in which beauty and treasures of the world exist.

Clean Awakening is a feeling of consciousness that makes you choose things that are good for your soul, mind, body, pride, identity, culture, community, humanity, the earth, and its abundance.

asa’s purpose lies beyond just delivering a gratifying beauty experience. It is to celebrate confidence in women by giving them the option to choose clean. Emerging from our deep rooted belief in inspiring a clean awakening in the lives that we touch, we have identified 3 branches that our brand uses as a sounding board for any decision in our journey – Purposeful Beauty, Purposeful Luxury, and Purposeful Living.


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