On the lookout for luxury? Try a sustainable alternative.

Consciously Luxe World

As more and more of us are becoming aware of the harmful effects behind some of our favourite products, we’re on the lookout for guilt-free, ethical luxury that helps us feel good, look good and do good.

So many vegan and sustainable skincare, beauty, fashion brands are coming to the fore as conscious alternatives. What’s more, hotels are going green too - eco-friendly luxury is now an option for your travel bucket list!

Here’s everything you need to know about conscious luxury to make the right decision for you and the planet.

What is Conscious Luxury?

Driven by purpose, or as we call it, purposeful luxury - this is an experience which not only meets your needs of pleasure, individualism and exceptionalism but also caters to the needs of the planet. It’s an experience that allows you to fulfill your desires and expectations without compromising on the ability of the future generations to do the same.

At first glance, it would seem that ‘sustainable luxury’ as a concept is contradictory. Luxury is often synonymous with ‘premium products and services’ whereas when you say sustainability, people think of ‘ethics and restraint’. On the contrary, both the terms share the same essence:

They are especially curated with extraordinary craftsmanship, creativity and design. They require specific ingredients and materials to give you exceptional quality. They highlight the importance of consuming fewer, but better. They last longer and help you sustain the experience.

Almost the same now, isn’t it? Luxury has always imbibed elements of sustainability. It isn’t an eco-friendly product seeking a premium perception, but a luxury product with the values of sustainability. 

Consciously Luxe Look this festive season

This gives you the chance to do good as you embrace tradition with a touch of sustainability in your festive ensemble. It’s all about the little steps and we’re here to help you as you enter a consciously luxe world.

The searches for ‘sustainable beauty’ on Google reached more than 6 million last year. This proves the commitment and desire of the global consumer for greener choices. You are the asa woman for us - keen to make your routine more eco-conscious as you opt for clean beauty and a cleaner environment. 

"We introduced clean, luxury beauty for the asa woman to embrace her inner beauty, awaken her confidence from within and celebrate her authenticity. Our products are an example of this - a natural clean look with refillable & recyclable makeup. This festive season, we encourage more women to make a conscious choice towards purposeful gifting. As you gift your loved ones not just a product, but an experience to cherish, share the joy of doing and feeling good." - Sukriti Jindal Khaitan, Co-Founder, asa beauty

Find your shade of clean beauty here:

Sustainable living: The root of conscious luxury

Committed to providing our nation with holistic wellness through naturopathy and sustainability, Asha Jindal Khaitan, the Founder of asa beauty has grown up in the nurturing environment of Jindal Naturecure Institute. Completely absorbed into its teachings and mentored by her father, a naturopathy doctor, she strongly believes in the healing powers of nature.

“asa is born with a resolve to alter the beauty landscape and familiarise the Indian woman with purposeful luxury that not only celebrates her but also the world we live in.” - Asha Jindal Khaitan, Founder, asa beauty

Awaken yourself to consciousness with us. 

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