At asa, we believe that it is one’s lifestyle that begets goodness. And as a brand, we wouldn’t want to advocate changes only on World Environment Day, as caring for earth is more than just a one-day celebration and effort. Our range of sustainable and vegan luxury beauty propagates a clean awakening. As ambassadors of an eco-conscious change, we truly believe that upcycling is the way forward. 

We have partnered with artist Aneeta Malhotra to enlighten you about how you can use your old or expired makeup to create mindful art. We are hosting a virtual workshop on our Instagram Live, that clubs the therapeutic qualities of making art with sustainability. As Aneeta takes you through this beautiful marriage between upcycled art and a sustainable earth, you will get to learn a lot about how to be creative with makeup that you would have otherwise discarded. 

As an artist and designer herself, Aneeta Malhotra has more than 35 years of experience in her field. With a degree in Fine Arts from the reputed Sir JJ School of Arts, she has been recognized with awards in the Asia-Pacific region, for designing the iconic Taj magazine. Apart from which, she has also contributed to the beautification of the Mumbai Central Railway station, by painting the largest mural that the city has. However, she makes art to be able to cater solely to charity and service, and has helped spark joy in innumerable lives. 

Her devotion and belief in Buddhism, made her a practitioner of Zen Doodling- an artform that heals. It is the practice of drawing and doodling small repetitive patterns that culminate into a recognizable picture. This therapeutic art form helps you calm the mind, and battle your anxieties, while also teaching you how to focus better. And while we’re so subconsciously trying to fit into the hustle culture, taking a break that we deserve, and engaging in purposeful living, is of prime pertinence. 

We’re always trying to find ways to do something that’s worthwhile for the planet, and for you. Be it with our cruelty-free makeup, or by hosting meaningful and mindful workshops that keep the dialogue about eco-conscious lifestyle choices going. And we’re proud to have associated ourselves with Aneeta Malhotra for the Instagram Live session on upcycling old makeup, to create therapeutic and conscientious art. Join us on June 30th, at 6PM, to be a part of our purposeful choices! 

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