With the humid world that monsoons will soon bring along, the rains can seem like a wet blanket on your favourite makeup products, literally. The weather can often make your products smudge or fade away quicker than usual. However, at asa, we believe you deserve to look and feel beautiful and at your best, especially on gloomy days. 

Here are a few hacks you can do with asa’s favorites to feel beautiful without having any rain on your parade, or makeup. 

1. Bases build beauty: 

To truly have your mesmerizing blushes and lip tints last, you need to make sure the base of your look is well done. During monsoons, avoid the liquid products and stick to powder based products like asa’s Powder Foundation. With the humidity and water around you, liquid products won’t last very long.

Asa’s Powder Foundation is 92% Natural and packed with Vitamin A, C, D, and E. Infused with Green Tea Leaf and Kokum Butter, the foundation soothes and nourishes your skin.

Once you’re done with the rest of your makeup, you can use asa’s Luminising Powder to enhance and draw focus to the high points of your face. Packed with Shea Butter, and Jojoba oil, the powder will not just give you a healthy glow but repair it as well. 

At the end of your makeup routine, you can use asa’s Finishing Powder to keep your look in place. The lightweight powder, comprising of 99% natural products will mattify your products and help them stay for longer — an absolute must, especially in monsoon. 

2. Tints for texture:

For a smooth, velvety look on your cheeks, a creamy cheek tint will do you wonders.

An amalgamation of avocado, walnut, and moringa oils, asa’s Lip & Cheek Tint will smoothly glide and stay on your cheeks, giving you that fresh, dewy, flushed look. We recommend you keep this formulation handy to touch up your lips and cheek.

3. Avoid the gloss:

Your favorite glossy lipstick can be timeless yet easily bleed and fade away due to humidity. Use matte lipsticks that will complete your look and make it flawless. 

Switch out the sloppy look a gloss may give you with asa’s Hydra-Matte lipsticks. Made with love and shea butter, any one of the eight striking shades will give you your desired looks without settling into the cracks of your lips. If you’re confused about the hue that fits you best, take a look at our guide to asa’s lipstick shades

A little bit of humidity and rain shouldn’t stop you from looking your best. Test out these hacks with asa favorites and tell us what you think in the comments below!


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