Runny makeup, sweaty sheens and faded pigments are signs that it’s time for your makeup to adapt to the rains. The best way to keep your makeup looking flawless is using a Finishing Powder. Infused with jasmine, a natural deodorant, asa’s 99% Natural Finishing Powder  mattifies your product and sets it perfectly — so no sky showers can ruin your look. 

An ultra lightweight Finishing Powder can save your makeup looks from numerous monsoon disasters. 

Here’s how: 

No sheens: 

After you’ve finished your skincare, use a thin layer of asa’s Finishing Powder. Infused with Jasmine Flower Powder, the Finishing Powder acts as a natural deodorant and prevents sheen — keeping your look fresh and beautiful. 

Lose the gloss:

Glossy lips and monsoons aren’t best friends. Lip gloss fades away faster due to the rains. At asa, we believe in conscious consumerism, so instead of buying matte lipsticks, you can mattify the ones you own. After you’ve applied your lipstick, place a tissue on your lips. Next, gently dust the Finishing Powder on top and you’ll have flawless, solid, matte lips. 

Finishing Touch: 

Once you’ve applied your makeup, don’t forget to set it by applying Finishing Powder in the end. With Avocado oil and other antioxidant properties, asa’s Finishing Powder holds your foundation in place and locks in the moisture

Lonesomely Blushes: 

Your blushes have a higher chance of fading away during the monsoon. Make it last longer by applying your blush before the foundation and then setting it with Finishing Powder. You’ll want to follow a Blush ➝ Foundation ➝ Finishing Powder for this hack. A beautiful blush pigment placed strategically can make all the difference for your look. 

At asa, we believe in conscious choices on our part as well as the consumers. With minimalism as the intention, we believe in helping our consumers make the best of what they own, through multi-purposeful ways. 



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