Mini versions for the go-getters

They say good things come in small packages! You asked, we delivered!

asa beauty celebrates the women who are making conscious choices today so that we can have a better tomorrow. The minis from asa is ideal for the asa woman that lives a bustling life and is often on the go. Super lightweight and easy to carry around all day, the minis will help you look fresh and vibrant throughout the day.

The asa Mini Lip & Cheek Tint is made for those who want to add a burst of colour to their faces on rushed mornings. The minimum waste packaging makes it an eco-friendly staple in your bag. Infused with walnut seed & orange peel oils, the product gives you a dewy, soft and refreshing glow. The shea butter imparts a silky smooth texture that seamlessly blends into your skin, giving you a natural flushed look.

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Freedom to choose consciously

asa beauty has always understood the importance of having the freedom to choose the best for oneself while simultaneously choosing the best for the planet. A true confidant in that sense, asa beauty promotes the freedom to choose consciously, the freedom to choose sustainable, and the freedom to choose shades that have been specially curated for the global Indian woman.

Palette of refills: All your essentials in one place

The asa Freedom Palette helps you keep the refills of your powder foundation, concealer, cream corrector, powder blush etc, all in one place. Now, say yes to sustainable and refillable systems as you contribute to a world focused on mindful choices. This palette is beautifully crafted with FSC-certified paper to hold all your refills in one place. With this palette, asa beauty makes it easy to achieve the natural glow with a magnetic refillable solution. 

To use the asa Freedom Palette simply unpack your magnetic refills and stick them onto the magnetic base holding all your makeup in one place. Your makeup essentials are easily assembled and will last longer with this palette which has been mindfully created for your travel essentials all in one kit.

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Refill & Recycle with asa!

asa is on a mission to consciously choose the greater good as they offer a Refillable Program which aims to minimize waste and reduce carbon footprint, while simultaneously treating oneself luxury. The philosophy of ‘#CleanAwakening’ is central to asa beauty, and our products are specially crafted keeping this in mind.

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