As the world remains engulfed by the pandemic and the chaos that it has brought with it, a whirlwind of emotions and worries are overwhelming us all as well. In times like these, it’s necessary to pay attention to your mental health, yourself and what your soul needs. It becomes important to pause, breathe and ground yourself in the present. Take a moment to halt and cleanse your mind of worries. Here’s asa’s guide to caring for yourself:

1. Meditate to Mindfulness:

The present is where our mind is often not. It wanders to countless possibilities and experiences that are long experienced. Mindfulness is a practice that helps your mind be in the now, without distractions or judgements.

To practise it, just sit upright near your window and keep your hands where they’re comfortable. Close your eyes and breathe in. As you do so, focus on where the breath is in your body –– it could be in your throat, chest or stomach. Breathe out and focus on how warm the air is. At this point, your mind may wander, gently bring it back to the present by focussing on your breathing.

You can use this podcast to help your guided mindful meditation:

2. Music to your Mind:

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helps and heals as you focus on the memories you made with your favourite songs. Make a playlist of your favourite songs and find all of these beautiful memories in one place. You could ask your friends and loved ones for their favourite tunes and add them to your playlist as well. If you’d like some help you could explore asa’s music for the mind.

3. Reflect & Release your emotions by Journaling:


When you allow yourself to express your worries and emotions on paper, you allow your soul to reflect on them as well. You allow your mind space by freeing yourself from these worries and anxieties and the ability to look at your worries from various perspectives. Keep your pen and paper handy, or your phone if you like to write in your Notes, and write down any thoughts or worries that have occupied your mind today. This journal is your personal sanctuary, free of judgement and criticism. Journal every day and use this time to wind down and de-stress.

 4. Gratitude Attitude:

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Begin a gratitude list for the month and each morning list 3 things, or experiences you are grateful for. It’s easy to forget the surroundings that may make our lives easier and enjoyable. It’s necessary we pay heed to the positive experiences that surround us, so we don’t take them for granted. A gratitude list could help you have a more fulfilling view of the world.

5. Surround yourself with love:

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At a time when you hear the words, ‘isolating’ or ‘distancing’ more often than ever, it’s important to connect with your loved ones in this lockdown. As lonely as these experiences may feel, you are surrounded by love. Each day, call your people and share your experiences together. You will soon realise that you are not alone. We are all in this together.

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