Have you ever noticed how your mood changes when you listen to a particular song? Or the way we play sad songs that intensify our melodramatic mood and happy songs to keep our joy going? That is because music has the power to touch and trigger each emotion at its core, with a profound impact on human feelings. 

It has been proved through research that music with around 60 beats per minute can synchronize with our brainwave, inducing relaxation and calmness in us. You must let the music carry you around, float in it and feel it but don’t force it. Doing this helps you meditate at peace and calm your senses.



So to help you get into the best music meditation, we have listed a few practices you can follow to help you get into the mood:

  1. Find a relaxing spot and get cosy with blankets, pillows and what not
  2. Play the music and close your eyes
  3. Breathe in and breathe out slowly 
  4. Let your mind wander, float around and feel your body get lighter, but stay connected to the music
  5. Feel the euphoric calm - this is meditation 

Consciously choose to focus on the music because that helps your mind from being hijacked. Don’t let other thoughts carry you away and get you all worked up. Stay with the song and let your body, mind and heart reset for the moment. Doing this is important to regenerate your energy and reduce stress. 



Our specially curated list of LoFi songs can help the brain stay focused and keep away unwanted thoughts. Lofi, with its many beats and sounds lets your brain focus and your mind calm.  

Side note: This playlist is great to not just meditate but to study as well! It’s a surely go-to, must-have playlist on your music app. 

Have a peaceful listening!

The Playlist: 

Birds - Wunsche 

Existence - Cold 

Changing Places - Leyton Miller 

Lost Grove - Nogymx 

Lighthouse - Engelwood 

Egyptian Pools - Jinsang 

ikigai - Idealism 

Velvet Garden - City Girl 

First Harvest - Luke Howard, Nadje Noordhuis 

Tere Bina - ShivaFlo

Morning - Hyperparadise 

Kyoto - Yokomeshi


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