It can be overwhelming to navigate the plethora of social issues that plague our everyday life. From having to give up on your favourite fast-fashion brand or not grabbing snacks from a fast-food chain, conscious consumption can require dedication and effort. But luckily, it doesn’t have to be all that tough. 

With the words “cruelty-free” and “clean beauty” trending every other day, it can be easy to know where to start your journey from. For those still confused, cruelty-free makeup and skincare refers to any company or brand that has opted out of using animal by-products for their formulations and stays away from animal testing. Cruelty-free cosmetics also should ensure that their natural ingredients have been sourced ethically, without harming any species or indigenous communities living in the recesses of nature. 

So… why should you go cruelty-free when drug store makeup and skincare products suit you just fine? If you are on the edge of making a more conscious decision regarding your makeup needs, then here is a list of reasons that might make you change your mind.  



1. Cruelty-free is more eco-friendly: 

Brands committed to being cruelty-free utilize natural and more sustainable ingredients and materials which is not just good for your skin but also for the environment. This means that they contain less harsh or toxic ingredients, often using more natural alternatives like argan oil, tea tree leaf oil, rosemary, candelilla wax amongst a list of others. On the other hand, facilities that conduct animal testing experiments are also responsible for a large amount of environmental waste. 

2. Mice aren’t the only animals being used in laboratories: 

Contrary to popular belief, cats and dogs are also commonly used in medical and cosmetics animal experiments. A shocking number of beagles are bred for the specific reason of being used in laboratories because of their docile nature. These tests cause a large amount of trauma and distress to the animals as there is no such thing as painless animal testing. This can also lead to blindness and even death for many innocent animals. 

3. Clean consumption is better for your wallet too: 

Going cruelty-free is also a great excuse to give more thought to your purchases and inculcate a more minimalistic approach. By only buying the items you need (or by buying less of the bad quality products you don’t need!), you can also minimize the waste you generate through your makeup purchases. Opting for clean products also will help you decrease your carbon footprint through a single purchase.

4. Support local businesses: 

The majority of companies that test on animals are wealthy and large giants in the cosmetics industry. Being able to support local and small businesses is a great way to help the economy and be an ethical consumer. It can also help you to branch out and try new products and formulations. Today you have many local businesses like asa or other brands that stand up against animal abuse, there are many alternatives out there available for conscious consumers.

5. Cruelty-Free products are generally healthier:

Switching to cruelty-free products can be an eye-opener as it can help you ditch many harmful and damaging chemicals like parabens, sulfates and synthetic dyes. Cleaner cosmetics are better for your skin and which means there’s a less likelihood for acne, allergies and inflammation. Today, cruelty-free brands are making more use of naturally healing ingredients which can actively combat skin issues or provide overall wellbeing. 

6. Remember - it's a process:

Sustainability does not have to be hard if you remember that being a clean consumer does not have to mean saying goodbye to your favourite products and brands. Starting small and switching to more accessible vegan products should be the first thing on your to-do list when you first start this journey. Do your research, try businesses that align with your ethics and most importantly - don’t forget to have fun. 



If you have been struggling in your makeup journey, asa hopes to be a thought-leader and catalyst for guiding more consumers towards vegan and cruelty-free products which do not compromise on performance or pay-off. Clean consumption might not happen to you in a day, sometimes it takes months and a few tearful goodbyes to classics but remember, makeup should not come at the cost of any ethical concerns.




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