We live in a world where revolution and destruction happen parallelly, as we invariably battle between the good and evil. We believe that all of us are the gatekeepers of a sustainable future. Now more than ever, we are updated on events from all across the globe that impact us and our future. We have become internally aware of the destruction we have caused, and that is Clean Awakening -the feeling that makes you choose things that are good for your soul, mind, body, pride, identity, culture, community, humanity, the earth and its abundance.  

The scenario of change from mindless consumption is a shift seen in every industry, be it technology, textile, medicine or make-up. For decades and centuries alike, humankind has feasted on mass consumption driven by popular culture.

Clean Awakening is the addressal of the overindulgence that has plagued us. It is to become aware, look away from the popular trends, to witness the side effects of it on our planet. The moment you decide to unlearn, undo, undress years of artifice and adopt a clean way of life, you experience the clean awakening. This is a choice that you make which not only benefits you but also the delicate balance between beauty and the treasures of the world. You nurture, respect and take pride in your natural self and the natural world. By doing so, you pledge allegiance to our planet. 


It is not enough to merely be aware of it, rather it is important that you take action. Be mindful of what you consume, on a daily basis and otherwise. Take a moment to assess what all are in your daily beauty products. The three things you need to be attentive of are: 

1) Are they harmful to me and the planet?

2) Do they contain toxic ingredients that are unethically sourced?

3) Do they come in reusable/recyclable packaging?

Put on this lense while scanning a prospective product and you are bound to find out for yourself that 9/10 products in your beauty bag don't meet the clean criteria. Hurts your soul doesn't it? That moment of self-realisation is clean awakening. 

That is why every step ahead at asa, is mindfully taken. We ensure that along the way, we not only produce quality products but also do our bit to conserve the environment. What’s even more interesting is that sustainability is not a difficult choice to make.. Opting for carefully sourced ingredients, formulating, packing and shipping these products that eventually find its way safely back into the environment is a mammoth task. At asa, we have gone the extra mile to find honest alternatives to harmful ingredients because we are committed to bringing you only the finest, cleanest beauty products. To give you a gist, we use Eco-Certified Mica, found a substitute for the likes of Beeswax, an age-old ingredient commonly used in most beauty products. By taking these small yet impactful measures, we stay truly vegan. 


Now to the most missed out and misused category that needs changing: packaging. Time and again, across our social media feeds and news channels we have seen how plastic bottles, wraps and other such items heavily pollute our planet. At asa, how we package our products lies at the heart of our efforts towards sustainability. Therefore, our exquisitely crafted metal enclosures are not just refillable (yes, we have a refill programme) and reusable, but also made in a sustainable fashion. What's even better? Our nature-inspired boxes are made of paper free of chlorine and heavy metal, and 100% biodegradable, sourced in a responsible manner, giving back to the forest. These are the things that make us a clean, sustainable brand of the future. 

Clean Awakening is this choice you make to move over to the sustainable side. It is your conscience telling you to choose things that are good for your soul, mind, body, pride, identity, culture, community, humanity, the earth and its abundance. Listen to your inner voice that tells you to stop and smell the roses. It is finding the right balance between beauty and imperfection. Loving yourself inside and out.  

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