April brings with it the sway of the heat and the sun shining bright. The flowers are budding, the birds are chirping, and there’s a sweetness in the air. But with the turn of the season comes a much-hated time of the year for all the makeup lovers out there - Summer. 

How many times have you stepped out of the house wearing your favorite makeup only to have it melt because of the scorching heat? Or felt your skin shine not because of your highlighter-but because of the heat?  If you are ready to kiss these beauty fails goodbye, here are some clean beauty makeup hacks you need to try this summer: 

Makeup that feels good, looks good

Layering of makeup in summer can cause breakouts, clogging, and more in the heat. asa’s powder foundation gives a hydrated matte finish that’s perfect for summer and suitable for all skin types. With a formulation that includes Green Tea Leaf to reduce inflammation, Kokum Butter for moisturization, Rose Flower Powder as an astringent - asa’s Powder Foundation will not just soothe your skin in prickly heat but also stay intact through the day. 

 Do it yourself

Now, this is a makeup hack that works - scrape some powder from your Powder Foundation and mix it with a drop of essential oils and water spray to create a liquid consistency foundation. Even better, mix it with moisturizer to create your own BB cream! This lightweight and easy to formulate cream will help give soft coverage while letting your skin breathe. 

Let your eyes do the talking

Use asa’s Easy Blend Concealer on your waterline to make your eyes look bigger for a fresh pop to your face. This hack works wonders when you are ditching some steps of your makeup routine for a more natural, subtle look. 

Say goodbye to oiliness 

The biggest nightmare of summer has to be oiliness on your face, especially throughout the day. Fighting this can be difficult, but when opting for a more everyday natural summer look, apply your asa Finishing Powder even on no makeup skin to take the excess shine away, control oil, and reduce the appearance of texture on skin.

Glow on the go

Get a quick summer tan or enhance all your features with this hack - it will make you glisten in the best way possible. Scrape your asa Luminizing Powder and mix it with a moisturizer to get that natural, radiant glow.

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Aayushi N

Definitely going to try the BB cream and Finishing Powder hacks!

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