It’s time to come clean, once and for all. This year was rough but it’s always best to look at the good that came out of it. As we waddled away our days at home, some of us spent our extra time reading and educating ourselves on what is good and bad for us. For those make-up enthusiasts, it was a true wake-up call, or what we like to call, a ‘Clean Awakening’. Reading about the harm that chemicals like sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals, triclosan, can send us down a frenzied purge of our make-up cabinet. Throwing out and rechecking everything we owned. The next step? Switching to clean beauty.

What is clean beauty? It is beauty that does not contain anything that is harmful to us and the planet, as well as curated ethically, consciously and cruelty-free. Beauty that is not far from one’s true self and is natural.

 Why switch to clean beauty? Let’s discuss.

 If the beauty products that we use are meant to stay on our skin for a long time, why not make sure it has ingredients that will protect the skin? Which is why one should pay more attention to what goes into their make-up and in turn their body. Making this shift to clean beauty means being aware of what gets absorbed by our skin and that feeling is empowering.

Which is why the first thing to note when switching to clean beauty is the ingredients. There is a list of harmful ingredients that come in our ‘No List’ and that includes all things unnatural. Switching to plant-based ingredients and clean synthetics as a substitute to these harmful ingredients not only make the product cleaner but also makes it good for our skin. Ingredients like Orange Peel and Argan Oil helps preserve the product while also nourishing the skin. Clean beauty uses therapeutic ingredients from nature that help heal and hydrate the skin for a better beauty experience.



However, much of the beauty industry is self-regulated but to be clean is to be certified and approved by organisations that prove the product to be safe. Switching to clean beauty is ensuring that one uses products that are free from animal cruelty, is vegan, doesn’t harm the planet and uses certified organic ingredients. Being aware of this is much more important because one can easily be tricked into buying products that claim to be ‘clean’ but are far from it.

Last but not the least, just like how we show concern for what we consume, one must also show concern to what we give back to the planet. Clean beauty is not only about the product but also about its packaging and that which is certified to be sustainable, non-toxic and good for the planet. Make-up that can be 100% absorbed back into the planet makes it safe and sustainable.

Switching to clean beauty is a choice and definitely not an overnight one. Take off to read about ingredients, about the certifications and about the brand at large to understand what you are about to invest your beauty routine in. Research and give yourself the time to find the clean beauty that works for you. It’s a wait that is worth it. 

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