Since climate change is moving on without us, the world has seen a trend of an increasing number of people being aware of what they consume and shifting to 'clean', 'sustainable', 'vegan' or 'natural' products. However, most of them are still confused about the differences between these terms. Yes, there is a difference. Not all clean brands are natural, not all brands claiming to be natural are sustainable. It can be confusing and that’s why we are here to clarify that for you. 

  1. Clean products are that which are healthy and void of harmful ingredients.
  2. Natural products are made from 100% natural ingredients with no added artificial components. 
  3. Vegan and cruelty free products mean they are manufactured without using animal extracts and by products and are not tested on animals. 
  4. Sustainable products source ingredients that leave little to no impact on the planet and its natural resources, and use recycled and recyclable materials. 


 That's why at asa, we are committed and transparent about being clean and sustainable. We are deeply invested in how our actions impact the world and the community we live in. Therefore, our business is intentionally designed to be flexible, adaptable and innovative which gives us the power to give back to the planet that has given us so much. 

To do so, we have created our products sans toxic chemicals, and a host of harmful ingredients that are bad for you and the environment. That is why we are Committed to bring you clean beauty products made with certified ingredients like Eco-Certified Mica, and more. It doesn't stop there, we have gone the extra mile to find substitutes to ingredients like Beeswax, a common component in beauty products, and by doing so we become truly vegan. 

Sustainability being at the core of asa, we went a step ahead in our packaging. It is not merely enough to use clean ingredients, the packaging from the cap to the wrap needs to be eco friendly. Being sustainable means using reusable, recyclable packaging that decreases the need of single-use plastic and reduces the carbon footprint from start to finish. Our exquisitely crafted metal enclosures and products encased in aluminium do more than just the job. They are refillable, reusable, made sustainably and use minimum plastic and energy in the process to benefit you and the environment. The chlorine and heavy metal-free 100% biodegradable paper used in our nature-inspired boxes are sourced responsibly and absorbed back into the environment. 

What's more? We offer a refill programme that was created to address the concerns around waste management and elevate the process of embracing beauty. This is a truly deeper level of beauty-enhancing. It helps you feel good externally, as well as internally for your conscience is aware of the good deed you did. The refill programme helps reduce the wastage of bottles and saves energy, a vital move to truly save the ecosystem. We go as far as to package our refills In unbleached paper. Through this, we champion luxury through sustainability which makes us not only worth your investment but also gentle to the planet. 

Beauty is a feeling which, if not felt from within, amounts to nothing. Knowing that you invested in something larger than yourself; a decision you made that your future self will be thankful for, gives you the feeling of empowerment, thereby uplifting your confidence and beauty inside and out. This feeling is what we at asa strive to bring in all of us, and that is what sustainability means to us. 

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