On average, over 9 million tons of plastic waste is produced every year. This sheer amount of waste generated is not only causing water pollution but also affecting other ecosystems adversely. Marine life is threatened, and many species are already on the verge of extinction. Lakes and rivers are blocked at many locations due to plastic waste dumps. When dumped on land, they remain intact for years, rendering the soil infertile and causing underground water pollution. 

Surprisingly, about 70% of plastic waste is generated from the one-time use of different packaged products. Of these landfill wastes, the contribution of the beauty and cosmetics industry is higher than that of most industries. From plastic concealer tubes to plastic lipstick bodies, waste products have jeopardized the environment. With pollution, global warming, species endangerment and extinction, and a climactic massacre looming over our heads, it is time to adopt sustainable approaches and restore natural conditions.  

Keeping this in mind, many companies have adapted the ‘reuse, recycle, refill’ methods all over the globe, but only a few companies in the Indian beauty industry have started to walk down a sustainable path by launching refillable makeup products. Adhering to this step can potentially reduce waste generation over time and minimize the need for different makeup products in daily life.

Why have refillable makeup products gained the limelight?

While the concept of using refillable makeup products is still an uncommon practice, studies reveal that a sustainable beauty brand could revolutionize the market and the future. The following are some facts that explain why refillable products have gained so much popularity.

  • Reduced landfill waste pollution 

Pollution is inevitable, and it cannot be eradicated overnight. But one step at a time can bring fruitful results. This is why few cosmetics and beauty companies have implemented strategies for refillable makeup products. With reduced plastic waste, pollution levels will come down by a considerable percentage in a few years. While the volume of waste generated might not drop by millions, this new approach will bring significant changes.

  • Simplified consumer wants

It is no news that the makeup industry is on the rise, with new brands and products coming up one after the other. This has strikingly increased the number of beauty choices available across every single brand on the market. Half a consumer’s life goes by trying to pick the best brand and the best product out of the thousand available. This not only takes up a lot of our time but also increases the stress of making the right choice in a short period of time. Refillable options diminish this tedious decision making process by making the decision for us. Once you invest in a refillable product, you’re done. You will only have to buy a new refill once the old one hits the pan. You will already know the shade and the place to buy it from. 

  • Financial incentive 

We are all aware that with rising costs, inflationary pressures, the makeup industry is getting more expensive day by day. Refillable makeup solutions don’t make a hole in the consumer's pockets. You only pay for the packaging once. The cost of refills is always less than the original item, which saves you a good amount of money. This gives consumers another reason to invest in refillable beauty brands.  

asa Beauty- India’s first beauty company with refillable solutions

asa Beauty is India’s first clean, luxury, beauty brand that offers refillable makeup products. The rationale behind the emergence of asa was to make individuals more conscious and aware of their beauty choices. asa’s values are ingrained in offering the highest quality products with a zero waste principle. One should not have to tarnish the environment to beautify themselves. Beauty is all about having that extra layer of confidence, the sheer joy of applying makeup, and feeling good about oneself. asa understands the need for sustainable beauty choices and has taken up the responsibility to administer the highest quality refillable makeup options on the market.  

How to use the refillable products?

Refillable makeup

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