Somewhere between the idea of plentifulness and maximality, the beauty industry forgot about its impact on Earth, so did we. Today, we seek the opposite. Today, consumers seek minimalism, longevity and sustainability. We seek products that add value to our lives and help us keep nature thriving. Consumers are moving towards products that can be reformed, refilled and reused. This isn’t just to save cost but to save waste as well.

Refillable products are the future of sustainability, eco-friendly habits. The tubes, bottles, and packaging that single-use products adopt, contribute to 120 billion units of packaging each year. These billions of units of packaging will take at least 700 years to begin decomposition. These numbers are the reason asa is India’s first luxury refillable brand, purposeful, conscious luxury and waste saving its characteristics through vegan, cruelty-free products that are made of 92% natural ingredients and wrapped in Aluminum and FSC Certified Packaging.

Our products that are made of 92% natural ingredients are encased in carefully crafted aluminium casings that are inspired by nature and thus are environmentally-friendly too. That bullet of lipstick you just finished doesn’t need to be thrown out. You can simply refill your favourite shade because all asa products are refillable and reusable. We pack our vegan, cruelty-free products in FSC certified paper which is sourced responsibly.

 It’s asa’s responsibility to make sure it provides clean and sustainable choices for its consumers. We believe in mindful consumption, minimalism, and practicality. We understand that the most significant driver of sustainability is accessibility.

All you need to do to refill your products is push your empty insert from the base, and replace it with the new insert. You can ethically and responsibly dispose of your old insert(s) and any asa packaging using the asa Refill & Recycle Program.  Our circle of sustainability invites you by collecting and processing your asa empties for you, so you can reduce waste and plastic usage. Help us, help you reduce your contribution to waste.

How to Refill? 

At asa, mindful consumption is possible and our products embody longevity, practicality and sustainability. Single-use and use-and-dispose products have filled our oceans and lands for long enough, our Earth now demands a change, a very necessary change.

Your products, your skin and your Earth deserve consistent and healthy reformations.  The long road to sustainability and environment-friendly habits doesn’t need to be difficult for you, because we’re paving the way for change and a cleaner, livable future. The Earth demands a change, asa is here to lead it.

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