A holiday or festive gift is a special one. It’s a gesture of love. Gifting with intention is never easy but we simplify it for you. All you need is a shift in perspective, an awakening to clean luxury.

Gifting with a purpose

When you look for a gift this festive season, we urge you to take a moment; reconnect with what is at the heart of the gift: giving, generosity, thoughtfulness, and love. Gifting clean luxury is a chance for you to enliven this intention by asking yourself

“What positive change can my gift make? How can my gift improve the lives of those I care about?”

You’ll have your answer. This gift has a meaning and a purpose - you want to give someone an experience that will change their perspective forever. This is a gift that they will cherish forever. 


Clean beauty, or as we call it at asa, purposeful beauty is created with more than 92% natural, ethically sourced ingredients. The formulations ensure that chemicals that are harmful for you and the planet are strictly kept away. This is essentially gifting with a purpose.

The clean beauty revolution

As we slowly shift to a world that is greener, cleaner and environmentally conscious, consuming products that are ethically sourced is the shift in perspective. Today’s global Indian woman dreams of an authentic celebration where her desires and hopes from the world of beauty are brought to life.

"It's time to be mindful about giving back to Mother Earth with our gifting ideas. With the festive season coming in, indulging in clean beauty products emphasises on purposeful and sustainable beauty. Let's experience luxury while becoming aware of conscious consumption." - Ayesha Mukherjee, Pro Makeup Artist

The botanical balance and safety of a clean beauty product give your skin the goodness it deserves. Performance-driven sustainable makeup is how we, at asa, celebrate every colour, culture and background in an ensemble of clean luxury.

Awaken your inner beauty with clean, ethical and natural products.

Celebration for the conscious consumer

Are you someone who likes a sustainable wishlist, zero waste celebration or conscious gifting? If yes, we think you’ll love these kits for the festive season. 

These clean, festive kits are not only great products that your friends and family will love, but they also have the added bonus of leaving an eco-friendly footprint.

Clean, Festival Glow: 

Soothing and natural blush to your cheeks with our Powder Blush in the shades of Dreamy Rose & Gracious Ginger

Soft, Minimal Look: 

Bundling up our Easy Blend Concealer, Everyday Mascara and our best-selling Lip & Cheek Tint into a beautifully natural look in 3 Steps

Natural Glow in 1 minute:

Get an everyday glow with our Burnt Cashew Easy Blend Concealer, our Powder foundation and the fan-favourite Calm Cranberry Hydra-Matte Lipstick

Light up your look:

Our Luminising Powder complemented with a beautiful shade of our full-size Lipstick gives you the look of the festive season.

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