With the intention of clean awakening and purposeful beauty, we have completed one whole year serving you. To make the most of our first milestone, we have a challenge that is not only fun, but also conscious.

Be a part of our #AwakenedONEness challenge and join the movement of clean awakening. So, what does that exactly imply? Clean Awakening is a feeling of consciousness that makes you choose things that are good for your soul, mind, body, pride, identity, culture, community, humanity, the earth, and its abundance. Walking on this path, we will cultivate new habits together during this challenge.

It’s believed that it takes 21 days to build a habit. And so, we have come up with 21 activities to follow that will make you feel one with the purpose of conscious living.

Choose one or more activities/habits from below and try to stick with them as much as you can. 

  1. Reduce waste and recycle the little things for a greener tomorrow.
  1.     Be the new version of you, one that is more conscious, more aware and mindful.
  1.     Use a wooden or bamboo toothbrush as an eco-friendly alternative to replenish your bath kit.
  1.     Push yourself to buy less, choose your wardrobe well and make it last.
  1.     Initiate a collective effort to use less water during showers and make use of organic soaps/gels.
  1.     Go paperless while making your payments.
  1.     Carry your sustainable cloth bag next time you go grocery shopping.
  1.     Go vegan and help the animals thrive!
  1.     Reuse old things by repurposing them for a new use.
  1.   Start composting for a sustainable kitchen garden.
  1.   Advocate consuming products that offer ethics and aesthetics, for mindful and sustainable living that benefits the planet.
  1.   Quit dumping old plastic and repurpose it in a creative way.
  1.   Save electricity by turning off your lights and fans for an hour minimum.
  1.   Wet waste and dry waste, make sure you segregate them for a greener tomorrow.
  1.   Save the planet and your meal prep time by utilizing the leftovers from the fridge.
  1.   Grow your own food with the help of some planters, potting soil, seeds and a little patience.
  1.   Feed stray dogs who have the right to food and we, the intention to feed.
  1.   Go vocal for local as you support small businesses.
  1.   Choose a cause to support and be a part of a community that serves.
  1.   Make choices that support the environment, the climate and other species on a daily basis.
  1.   Reduce your waste, if not complete zero waste.

Does that encourage you to be a part of our #AwakenedONEness challenge? Participate and post what you’ve taken up as the new habit of your choice. Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @asabeautyindia. 

Join the movement right away! 

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