To soothe, nurture, and heal the Earth is our core belief at asa.  For asa, World Environment Day isn’t simply a day to mark, but a day to celebrate every aspect of what we believe in and what we stand for. In every product, every casing, and every formulation there is consciousness at asa. We are inspired by nature and with every step, we make sure that our conscience is parallel to nature, to give you rich products that are kind to your skin and kinder to the planet. 

Conscious consumerism begins when you are aware, understanding, and conscious of every step the brand takes to bring you the product you desire. The responsibility to give you the knowledge you need to make your choices lies on us. The cornerstone of ethical buying is transparency, a key belief at asa. Whether it’s our vegan, natural formulations, the aluminum bullets and cases they’re encased in, or the FSC certified paper that’s wrapped around them, you deserve to know whether it makes your choice ethical or not. 

This World Environment Day, we’d like you to know every effort that goes behind bringing your formulations that are clean, beautiful, and ethical. 

1. Rich, Natural Formulations: 

We believe beauty is more than just products, it’s an experience. As an organization, we want to give you a rich, nurturing product. To do so, asa's formulations are more than 92% natural. With our Pressed Foundation that is 92% Natural, our lipsticks that are 94% Natural to the Finishing Powder that is 99% Natural, our formulations are here to give you the natural, nourishing experience nature provides. 

2. Transparent knowledge: 

We understand that true knowledge lies in not just knowing the terms present on each of asa’s products but understanding them. Every asa product is vegan and free of any animal ingredients which includes beeswax, carmine and more,  along with being completely cruelty-free. At asa, no product or its ingredients have ever been tested on animals. Keeping this knowledge transparent is necessary for you to make your choices. You can understand asa’s mnemonics here. 

3. Packed with kindness:

Every product at asa is encased in beautiful aluminum packaging that is easy on the eyes and on the environment as well. These aluminum castings are endlessly recyclable, making your luxurious experience practical and sustainable as well. The secondary packaging at asa comes from FSC certified paper. Deforestation is a calamity that asa would never contribute towards. Hence, the FSC certified paper used at asa is made from fallen trees that do not harm the earth, nor do they interfere with any indigenous communities.

4. Clean Beauty:

For asa, beauty does not stop at looking good. Our products are made from more than 92% natural, organic ingredients that will help you do good and feel good. Our formulations are clean from the harsh chemicals that hurt the earth and your skin. Keeping it clean, natural, and simple, our products will give you a balance between looking good and feeling good.

5. Refill, and relove: 

For asa, a clean awakening lies in making sure that our products are purposeful not just when they’re full, but also when they’re empty. To reduce the footprint that every empty product leaves behind in the pits and the oceans of the earth, asa has introduced refillable solutions to every product’s every shade at asa. Being India’s first, clean luxury brand to offer refillable and reusable solutions, we have made a commitment to you and nature to provide you with choices that help nature heal.

6. Recycle your empties:

Along with the option to refill your products, asa would like you to be rewarded for your efforts to choose beauty that is sustainable. After you’ve used your product, you can send us your asa empties and we will ensure that they’re responsibly recycled. Once you’ve sent us your empties, we will reward you with 250 points that you can redeem against asa’s products. 

For asa, every day is a celebration of the earth and the environment. Today is an opportunity for us to show you the way asa is paving the road to sustainability and keeping its promise of

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