Catalysts of change, empowerment and a revolution are a few of the common titles that asa and The Naz Foundation stand behind. Our endeavour to seek opportunities that allow us to give back has brought us to our fulfilling partnership with The Naz Foundation. Using sports as an impetus, the Young People Initiative empowers young women with the knowledge and skills they need to not just survive, but thrive; to empower them, to be the future agents of change. 

Each step of change today, by strong, invincible women is a step to a better future for those who come after us. One of these invincible women is The Naz Foundation’s COO, Kalyani Subramanyam. 

For Subramanyam, there was no true moment of epiphany that urged her to help others. She found her dream and purpose — helping others recognize their potential at a young age. She was raised to be independent, confident, and understand her potential. She chose to use this privilege to empower young people to become who they are. An enabler of change, she’s worked on issues of gender, sexuality and inclusion. 

The Naz Foundation’s Young People Initiative gave her the opportunity to empower young women. She’s helped transform these young individuals who wouldn’t maintain eye contact into women who now stand tall. The Young People Initiative (YPI) has helped women address issues of discrimination, menstruation, gender violence and financial literacy. 

YPI has now reached over 1,15,000 women who will soon be the leaders of tomorrow. Kalyani Subramanyam and The Naz Foundation have helped young, adolescent women become the builders, leaders, and changemakers of tomorrow. 

Meet two of these changemakers: 


Pinky has been a part of The Naz Foundation’s YPI for a year, learning life skills along with the game Netball. The initiative has armed her with knowledge about leadership, communication and money-saving that helps her keep her head high and voice her opinions with confidence. 

Along with life skills, Pinky has been a true champion in the game of Netball, with encouragement from her parents to master the game and to work harder. Being an excellent player, Pinky is her team’s captain. She uses this experience to be a better person, motivator and leader for her team and her future.

In Pinky’s own words, “This journey of mine has not only made me a good netball player but also made me a confident leader today. This will help me overcome any challenge in the future and has only been possible through the medium of sport.”


Naz’s Community Sport Coach, Anchal loves competition, games and physical activities. After hearing about the YPI programme, she joined and tried a game of Netball, loving it. By meeting different kinds of people from different places, playing the sport and communicating with a diverse group of women, Anchal built her confidence. 

Anchal’s beginnings were humble, with financial problems taking over her yearning to study. After completing YPI’s 10-month programme, she found the opportunity to learn and finance her own future. She began as a CSE (Customer Service Executive) with Naz Foundation and funded her education and savings with her stipend. With a new beginning, Anchal is determined to complete her education while supporting her family. 

A leader and an inspiration, she has a message for young women —  “If there is any reason that halts you from educating yourself, — motivate yourself begin again and get ahead with sports. There are so many avenues for you to find yourself and your potential.” 

There is hope, and light for a better future, if we choose to pave the road to a better tomorrow with lamps today. Excited to contribute to the future agents of change, asa will be contributing 5% of their proceeds to the Naz Foundation.  With asa and The Naz Foundation’s partnership, we hope to empower and enlighten the future. 

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