Transparency is what makes asa stand out in the beauty industry. When we speak of transparency, we strive to be clear about the ingredients that make our formulations and how you feel about them as well. Goodness cannot just be heard, it has to be experienced. Testimonials are a key aspect of transparency. 

As India's first luxury clean beauty brand, asa comprises many uniques that global Indians across the country are yet to experience. Instead of hearing what we have to say, hear from our customers who’ve experienced asa’s goodness!

1. Mittal M. 

Product: Finishing Powder

She says, “This is perfect for all skin types and helps my makeup stay on for longer! I can’t believe this is a natural formulation because it’s one of the best finishing powders I have tried ever.”

The goodness in asa’s Finishing Powder comes from the Green Tea extract and Avocado oil present in the powder with antioxidant properties that protect your skin from environmental damage. In the shade of Soothing Jasmine, with the infusion of Jasmine Flower Powder that acts as a natural skin deodorant the 99% natural product sets your product in place without letting wind or sweat ruin your look!

2. Rutuja

Product: Burnt Cashew Concealer

She says, “It blended into the skin like a dream. I was concerned with the shade before as the tone seemed pigmented and my skin tone is more towards a pinkish fair but it staged itself really well.” 

Infused with Argan Oil and Vitamin E, the 96% Natural Easy-Blend Concealer is made to cover discolouration in an instant. Owing to the Jojoba oil, the concealer possesses a creamy texture that makes it easy to blend while it moisturises your skin. 

3. Nikita: 

Product: Luminising Powder in the shade Blushing Moon

She says, “Blushing Moon is just brilliant! I love the pink shade for the highlighter. It’s so rich and dreamy to look at, especially in the sunlight. Love, love, love!”

The amalgamation of Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil that strengthens and soothes the skin along with Avocado and Apricot Kernel Oil prevents inflammation and dryness while nourishing your skin. The 94% Natural Luminising Powder will add the dreamy, luminising glow that completes your look. 

Have you experienced the clean, conscious goodness of asa’s products? 

Tell us about your experience!

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