Celebrate Independence Day with natural, clean beauty


As India proceeds to mark its 76th year of independence this year, a new source of pride arises: asa, a brand that shines bright as a tribute to the country's devotion to growth, purity, woman empowerment and conscious living. asa, founded and proudly made on Indian grounds, embodies the concept of freedom by providing clean beauty that is natural and free of toxic chemicals.


In an age where health and sustainability are occupying the forefront, asa allows us to celebrate our 76th year of freedom by adorning ourselves with makeup products that are in line with nature's wisdom. asa is a symbol of holistic wellness, not merely for ourselves but also for the environment, with a remarkable composition of up to 96% natural ingredients. As a vegan and cruelty-free brand, it combines ethical awareness with the joy of freedom, expression, and inclusivity while reflecting a nation that appreciates all forms of life!


As a homegrown brand, asa has had a tremendous influence on people all around the country. It has sparked a movement, inspiring people to live a better and more conscious lifestyle. asa restores our admiration for indigenous cures and ingredients, which are frequently forgotten in today's fast-paced world, by establishing a link with our roots and traditions. Not only has asa revitalised our beauty regimens but the forward thinking brand has also reignited a feeling of national pride by reminding us today of the fortune that exists within our country by marrying beauty with innovation as – India’s first luxury, clean beauty brand that makes refillable, low-waste packaging.


Allow asa to be your personal symbol of freedom on Independence Day, a celebration and breakaway from toxic factors and a pledge to follow the virtues of natural, clean beauty.


Proudly Indian, Made In India.



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