Achieving the "Clean Girl" aesthetic this summer is all about having a fresh, natural and dewy look with clean, minimal makeup. You can effortlessly create this look and stay on trend with asa’s natural makeup using just 3 must-have products.

Step 1: Apply asa's SPF15 Face Stick in your shade first to create a base. In addition to offering great coverage, this multipurpose product shields your skin from harmful UV radiation. Apply the face stick directly to your face and blend it using a brush or beauty blender for a soft, seamless finish

Step 2: Use the multipurpose Lip and Cheek tint in the shade Luscious Apricot to add a touch of colour to your cheeks. Dab a small amount of the product to the apple of your cheeks and blend it out gently to achieve a soft, natural flush. asa’s creamy formula blends effortlessly, leaving a soft and healthy glow.


Step 3: Finally, you can complete your look by using asa’s rich crème lipstick in the shade Plush Peony. This lipstick gives your lips a natural pop of colour and a gorgeous, creamy texture that keeps them nourished and hydrated. Apply it straight on your lips for a classy yet understated look that completes the whole aesthetic. 

With just three asa products, achieving the “Clean Girl” aesthetic is simple. Aim for a soft, natural look that draws attention to your best features and subtly brings out your inherent, natural beauty.

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