Is the question "how can I make my skincare more sustainable?" plaguing your mind after you have obsessively scrolled through the #cleanbeauty trend on Instagram while laying in your bed at 1 am? If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place.

 Exploring the world of sustainability in the beauty industry can be a scary domain, especially with new “natural” brands coming up every week. And then to realise the products you use are damaging not just your skin but also the environment is quite the shocker.

 For beauty lovers across the globe, it may be a sad reality to know that makeup and personal care products generate more than 142 billion units of packaging in 2018 alone. As we face the harsh realities of climate change today, sustainability is not just an option but a lifestyle that we all must absorb. Having spent decades being unaware about the ingredients going not just inside your body but also on your skin, it is time that we make a conscious choice.

Here's what you can do to become a more conscious and sustainable consumer and not feel guilty showing off the new eyeshadow look that you spent 3 hours learning -



1. Do your research

Even though the names might literally sound like Greek or Latin, start off by learning how to read the list of ingredients at the back of your products. Take your time with familiarizing yourself to the ingredients that are actually harmful and especially the ones which do more harm than good. Another way is to go through the websites of the brands you already love to know about their formulations and the care they are taking to give you a product that is not chemically-loaded. In today’s age, social media is a great tool to ask questions and the right brand will always be eager to talk about their processes of conscious manufacturing. A unique feature of a ‘No’ List is also important where brands are transparent about the ingredients going into their products. Dig deeper into where your makeup and skincare is coming from and take time to pick favourites - whether it’s a makeup remover or your go-to lipstick.

 2. Actively seek cruelty-free labels

Makeup today is more than just an indulgence, it is an experience which shouldn’t come between a person’s ethics. If you are not ready to let go of your values, ditch the large corporations who are not clear about their sustainability practices, ethical stance or testing policies. At the end of the day, you don’t want a bunny suffering in a laboratory to get the perfect winged eyeliner… right?



3. Buy bigger

Buying jumbo-sized bottles of your most used products is a great way to avoid the hassle of repurchasing, additional plastic being wasted and is actually more cost-effective in the long run. Also shopping from brands that provide sustainable refilling is a great way to avoid purchasing a completely new product, time and again. Brands are slowly moving to providing easy and efficient refillable options too.

 4. Limit usage of single-use products

Wet wipes might be your holy grail for makeup removal but do you know how awful they are for your skin and the environment? An alarming 7.6 million pounds of wipes are thrown into a landfill every year. Opt for soft muslin cloths or reusable cotton wipes to remove your makeup instead and don’t forget to double cleanse.

 Makeup should not only make you look good but also do good, even to the environment. Your skincare and makeup routine doesn’t have to be complicated, especially if you make use of these tips and tricks to navigate the world of sustainability.


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