“All we have to do is wake up and change.” – Greta Thunberg

Everyday is Earth Day if we care about the planet and the impact of our actions on it. That being said, it is also important to remind ourselves what we owe to our mother Earth every once in a while. Earth Day proves to be one such day where we get to celebrate our planet and work on a pledge to commit to taking actions to protect it as well. We all need to come together including brands, governments, and citizens and feel accounted to do our bit as the ultimate partnership for the planet.

As sustainability is on the rise, it stands true that green is the new gold today making it crucial for us to be conscious in our day-to-day actions and rethink about little things that can help us contribute towards a better tomorrow.

We at asa believe in purposeful living and hence, every aspect of our product works towards having a positive environmental impact. To further our promise of purposeful living, we made sure we spend Earth Day working in the same direction. With this philanthropic perception in mind, we have been working with Maitrayana Charity Foundation’s Young People’s Initiative for a long time. This time around team asa and the foundation together took up a plantation drive where 18 girls from the foundation planted 100 saplings of Indian Christmas trees and Ashoka trees at Jindal Naturecure Institute to start the conversation about investing in our planet going.

asa Beauty x Mairayana Foundation for Earth Day


In honour of Earth Day, we planted these trees to preserve and contribute to nature. We absolutely loved spending time amidst mother nature and know that this effort needs to be put on a regular basis to make a difference. It is important for each individual to collaborate and contribute to build a healthy planet for our future generations.

As an individual too there are varied ways to invest in our planet by buying mindfully, reducing waste, taking a recyclable and refillable approach, reducing consumption, investing in renewables and energy efficiency and more.

Join our movement of Clean Awakening - a feeling of consciousness that makes you choose things that are good for your soul, community and the Earth.

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