The terms natural and organic are thrown around in the world of beauty without really understanding what it means. These days, most of us are in a pursuit to find organic and natural beauty products to add to our skincare regime. Going green is hotter than ever but do we truly understand what the terms natural and organic mean? 

Yes, there is an understated yet definitive distinction and understanding the difference between these two terms can make a world of a difference by not falling for the halo effect of greenwashing. After all, the skin absorbs most of what you apply on it, making it all the more important to be aware. So let’s dive a little deeper to decode Organic Vs Natural.



The Broad Board of Natural: Natural is often a blurry wide category that is not efficiently regulated. Natural does mean exactly what it indicates, ingredients derived from nature, be it Chamomile or chemicals. Natural ingredients may or may not contain toxins from pesticide infested soil therefore all that is natural is most likely not organic. 

At times, chemicals such as petroleum, find their way under the label of natural because technically speaking, it is a component derived from nature. The key here is to read your ingredient labels. Study your ingredients and make sure that natural ingredients are listed first before synthetic ones as they are listed in decreasing order of its saturation in the product. 

The All-Mighty Organic: This is the term to look out for as organic pertains to all things living that go through stricter regulation. To be organic is to source ingredients that were cultivated on chemical-free soil and are not infested with pesticides. There is more transparency with the farming techniques and where they are sourced from. 

Organic ingredients are ethically sourced and often certified. Check out the product label for symbols that show that it is certified organic and free of any harmful chemicals that may creep its way through ingredients. 



Being aware of this slim difference between organic and natural is imperative when you buy beauty products. While natural and organic are any day better than synthetic, knowing the difference between the two labels is a way of enlightening yourself as a consumer so that you know what you put into your skin. Stay aware and ever beautiful. 








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