When we speak of ethics and sustainability in the beauty industry, there can often be a willful ignorance about the ethicality of our associations. In a survey that included 5 best-selling cosmetic categories, something shocking was found. At least one ingredient in each of the 25 products considered, had a high-risk rating for social, environmental, and governance risk.
These ingredients were a result of child labor, deforestation, and corruption. 

At asa, we believe in providing choices to consumers that are good and kind to the earth, individuals, and communities. Ethical sourcing is of utmost importance when it comes to asa’s formulations. The need for the origin of our ingredients to be ethical becomes even more important when the ingredient is impossible to avoid in make-up — an ingredient like MICA. 

What is MICA? 

The shimmer in your favourite highlighter or eyeshadow  is made of MICA. It’s a natural mineral found in rocks, whose glow makes it perfect for the shimmer we crave in bronzers and highlighters. For beauty products, not using MICA  isn’t a choice. It’s a key ingredient in many products that cannot be replaced yet. 

Unethical sourcing of MICA: 

MICA’s necessity cannot dilute the unethical practices that go behind mining it. For most companies, MICA is sourced from mines that are unregulated. Children as young as 5 go into dark mines, lurking for the shimmer and glow the mineral provides. Humongous companies use this MICA to add to their best-selling products. A 2019 report revealed that the mining of MICA, which is often done by children, has resulted in the death of many. 70% of MICA produced in India comes from illegal and unregulated mines.

Ecocert-MICA at asa: 

One of asa’s strongest pillars has always been conscious ethicality in each of our formulations. If MICA cannot be replaced, it can be ethically sourced. Our products, particularly our Finishing Powder and Luminising Powder use Ecocert MICA. This MICA is ethically sourced and does not contribute to any child labour, child slavery or unethical practices. 

What is Ecocert Certification: 

An Ecocert Certification is a rigorous process that consists of an independent and impartial certification body assessing the conformity of a product, service or system with environmental and social requirements specified in a standard.

Transparency and kindness is the foundation that asa is built on. To us, it is paramount that the products we make can be enjoyed without apprehension. Ecocert is one of the many labels we put on our products with the certainty that no harm was caused to the earth or its inhabitants in the process of making our formulations. 

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