Conscious choices within beauty, kindness within living and a revolution within the industry is what asa strives for. We believe that it is not just possible, but our responsibility to create products that are good for you, your skin, and the Earth. Purposeful luxury paired with creations that are made keeping the globe, and the global Indian in mind, asa’s products are natural, vegan and cruelty-free. Oftentimes, these words can mean nothing to the customer unless they recognize the weight they carry. 

At asa, we believe in transparency and a clear understanding of our and your choices. Here’s a guide to decoding asa’s mnemonics: 

Vegan & Cruelty-Free: 

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At asa, we’ve made a commitment to never use animal-derived ingredients like honey, beeswax, or carmine in our products, making them vegan. Additionally, asa will never endorse or participate in any animal testing of our products, making them cruelty-free. Our efforts are certified under PETA’s Global Beauty Without Bunnies Program — an initiative designed for compassionate shoppers. This certification recognizes asa as an organization whose complete product line is free of animal-derived ingredients.  Beauty should never be pain, for any being.

>92% Natural Ingredients: 

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The usage of harsh chemicals is not good for your skin, nor the Earth. At asa, we use pure, eco-friendly ingredients that are kind to you and the planet we call home. Our products are free from harmful substances like Paraben, Sulphates, Petrochemicals, Mineral Oil, TEA, Palm, Carmine, Formaldehyde, Pre-Mix Bases, Urea, Ammonia, EDTA, Toluene, DEA, MEA, Triclosan.  As a beauty brand, we believe in transparency about the ingredients we use and have vowed to always keep you informed about our Clean Formulations that are made from more than 92% natural ingredients. 

Proudly Indian: 

Ecofriendly  Paraben-Free
Assembled and made in India to cater to the Indian, their hopes, dreams and desires — asa’s products are researched and formulated to fit global Indian skin tones. Our products are a celebration of every colour, culture, and background. With gentleness and well-researched products, we aim to cater to the modern Indian.


At asa, we believe your products and the Earth deserve the right to restore themselves. Using three simple steps, asa’s products, including every shade of each creation that is encased in aluminum casings can be refilled. Unethical packaging has resulted in our landfills and oceans being polluted with plastic and materials that make it difficult for life to exist in these habitats. To bring a change, asa’s refills are packed responsibly in heavy-metal free and chlorine-free packaging. It’s time we reuse, and refill our products to create a healthier Earth with mindful consumption.


From the FSC certified paper that is collected responsibly and used to wrap our products, to the refills of the products and the products themselves, recyclability is a consistent pillar, standing tall with asa. This Earth Day, on April 22, asa introduced its Refill and Recycle Program. Along with restoring your products, you can ethically and safely dispose of your empties by sending them to asa and being rewarded with points for them. Loyalty, conscious consumerism and sustainable choices should be rewarded. Using these points you can shop for our products. 

Knowledge is power, we believe in increasing yours to the best of our abilities. At asa, we aim to arm our customers with awareness, transparency and understanding of sustainability so they can make informed, clean choices. 

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