Take your pick from 5 clean looks that make you look effortlessly elegant this festive season

The inspiration: Today’s discerning woman

Elegance is a quality we admire in a woman who impresses with how sophisticated, minimal and assertive in style she is when she presents herself. A large part of attaining elegance is to edit, edit, edit.

Is this editing limited to appearance and style only? We are inspired by you, today’s woman of elegance, the asa woman. You awaken us to true elegance in your authenticity, your choices and how you beautifully grow into being yourself. You carefully analyse to look at what you enjoy, what your strengths are, your talents and what makes you, you.

Welcome to the experience of a ‘clean awakening’ with asa!

Awakening yourself to clean beauty helps you embrace your inner beauty. When you are more authentic as a person, the more you’ll grow in elegance. Another type of elegance is also to make it all seem effortless.

Clean beauty for effortless elegance

Here is an experience of elegance that doesn’t just seem effortless but truly is! It is what comes naturally to you, what is natural in its essence. Perhaps, unintentionally, it effortlessly brings an elegance to your look. 

It is not that this requires no effort; instead, it is a result of making good decisions and a conscious effort to choose sustainable, clean beauty for your skin.

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The future of clean beauty

The ever so elegant clean beauty experience is quickly becoming the new standard in the industry. We looked inside some makeup artist’s clean beauty kits to understand where the trend is headed. We asked these pro makeup artists to help us see how clean beauty is a preferred choice this festive season and how a natural festive glow is all one needs!

“In today’s age when there is an immense amount of emphasis on eating right and living environmentally in tune with nature, the concept of clean beauty is definitely here to stay. Minimising our carbon footprint, ensuring animal welfare in ethical processes and cruelty-free products is the only way forward” - Kapil Bhalla, celebrity makeup artist says.

Another celebrity and bridal pro makeup artist, Khushnuma, shares her views in a beautiful one-liner: “Choose clean beauty, because girl, you are too pretty to poison!”

Shweta Singh, pro artist and former spotlight artist, says, “asa gives you a natural glow this festive season. It’s truly a skin-vestment!”

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Top 5 looks for Effortless Elegance in 10 minutes!
1. Everyday clean look for the bride to be

Pro bridal makeup artist, Sukanya, worked wonders with our multipurpose Mini Lip & Cheek Tint to give the bride a natural blush. Watch the video here

2. On-the-go minimal look

An inspiring online transformation coach, Rutuja, creates an on-the-go clean look of everlasting grace. Recreate the look here.

3. Bold lips in a festive look

A pro makeup artist with a bold take on elegance is all you need for the festive season. Get Namita’s bold lips look here.

4. Glowing with natural radiance

Artistry and application at its best! Shweta creates a clean look to light up your festive mood. Shop her look here.

5. Monotone high-definition look

Celebrity and bridal pro makeup artist, Khushnuma, redefines elegance with a monotone look of bronzes and browns. Watch the video here.

Effortlessly Elegant with asa
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