On a gloomy day when you take your peachy blush and stroke it across your cheeks, you will take a second, look in the mirror and appreciate the beauty your cheekbones hold. On a better day, as you put on that lipstick that goes with every outfit, you smile wider with confidence. Makeup is a source of comfort on some days and a luxurious indulgence on the rest. It’s confidence for those who seek it, and a simple act of self-care for others. 

These tiny moments of comfort and confidence come at high costs for your conscience and the environment. These purposes of our beauty make the choice of the way our makeup looks significant and the ethicality behind it arbitrary. Every time you open that blush or apply that lipstick, you can’t help but think about the plastic in your hand that will soon end up in a landfill or the ocean. Conscious, consistent choices for clean living is easier said than done. 

With single-use packaging and piles of cardboard that you must tear open before you can reach your product, it’s no surprise that the makeup industry is a major contributor to the waste that hurts Earth and its inhabitants. It takes 700 years for the lipstick bottle you used for a few months to begin decomposition. 

Through this use-and-dispose model alone, the industry is responsible for the generation of 120 billion units of packaging each year. Like a terrifying vision of environmental dominoes, the annual loss of 18 million acres of forest is a consequence of those 120 billion units. 

According to the World Economic Forum, the world will generate 12 billion tonnes of plastic waste by 2050, which is equivalent to 35,000 Empire State Buildings. From the palm oil within products that is the leading culprit of the world’s deforestation to the plastic packaging surrounding them, it often feels like beauty is pain for the environment and pleasure for you unless you stop to think about your choices. When 70% of cosmetics end up in the landfill and causing environmental damage, it seems unethical to be blissfully ignorant about our carbon footprints. 

We understand that the onus of reducing plastic consumption and waste lies not with you, but with us – the organisation. While beauty brands are now growing increasingly aware of their part to play in this, asa has always paved the way for sustainable living and conscious luxury. Today, asa is India’s first refillable luxury brand — giving your products not just second chances, but unlimited ones and the Earth time to heal. 

Conscious choice drives conscious change. With minimalism, practicality and sustainability as the drivers of our intent, asa is leading this change. Our products are made out of environmentally friendly ingredients that are kind to you and nature, which are packed in FSC certified paper that won’t harm the Earth. Our products follow an easy, refillable and reusable system. With endlessly malleable and recyclable aluminium casings in place, asa’s products are built to last longer, effectively reducing wastage and your carbon footprint. 

Like the recyclable facet of nature, our products will serve you time and again. With our refillable packaging, nature and you can be unfettered by the burdens of waste. Beauty should never be pain — neither for you nor the environment.

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