Meet our minis and take them everywhere: a beautiful blend of convenience, sustainability, and easy elegance. Imagine having your very personal glam squad in your pocket, ready to alter your day-to-night appearance in seconds.


Our vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainable makeup has been miniaturised without sacrificing a single ounce of quality. But it's not only about reducing; it's also about maximising the pleasure of makeup while minimising the fuss. Imagine saying goodbye to the days of digging through your handbag, desperately looking for your favourite lipstick or blush. Your makeup stash becomes organised and accessible with a simple reach into your pocket thanks to our mini-sized marvels.


And let us not forget about sustainability. By encasing our items in sleek aluminium, we've rejected plastic and embraced eco-consciousness. As a result, you not only save space but also contribute to a greener planet. In this story of convenience, simplicity, and a dash of glamour, you'll discover a world where beauty that is naturally you, is always within reach. 


So, whether you're a busy professional, a mom on the run, or a daring spirit, our mini-sized makeup is here to make your life simpler without compromising your principles or beauty choices.


Step into a world where convenience meets sustainability and let our mini-sized makeup be your valued friend on every journey. After all, life is more enjoyable when you have a little bit of asa's magic in your pocket.


Here’s to choosing consciously!



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