A 2019 article by Vogue predicted that sustainability and wellness would be the future of makeup, and we are now witnessing that changed reality. Every day, more brands hop onto the wellness bandwagon to cater to the growing world of mindful makeup and self-aware consumers. Call it a result of a worldwide quarantine or a shift in the air; something has catalysed a feeling of self-love, openness and empowerment through beauty and wellness.

As a clean brand, we believe in the use of mindful makeup to help uplift and empower. Makeup has transformed, evolved and revolutionised over time to encourage discourse around makeup as a tool for wellness, confidence and positivity. The world is seeing a paradigm shift of using makeup to feel good about oneself, make-up as an art, a therapy and even a livelihood. 


How has it changed? The very meaning of wellness and beauty has changed from just being about outward appearance to more about the feeling from within. It is all about taking care of one’s self and feeling confident in one’s own skin. Makeup does to our confidence what healthy food does to our wellbeing. While nourishing your body from the inside, it also needs the attention and care from the outside. 

Just like how resting and eating are beneficial for your physical health, self-care by pampering yourself with your favourite beauty products invokes positive thoughts. A stroke of a highlighter, a smear of lipstick and a touch of a corrector can go a long way in elevating how you feel about yourself. We are all about giving the women of today this sense of empowerment and confidence through clean, natural makeup for all Indian skin tones. 

It doesn’t stop there. Makeup is not just about the application but something more holistic. Knowing where your makeup comes from, how sustainable it is and being aware of what you apply is an enlightening feeling. Being a self-aware consumer who chooses products that are good for them and the planet can go a long way in doing something good for society and our future. Clean, sustainable products work in tandem with your body and nature, just how it was meant to be. Asa exists for this, to help you choose products that are not only good for you but for the planet also! 


Last but not the least, makeup is a form of self-expression. Makeup is mindful, in every way possible from start to finish. Your body is your canvas and your makeup is your medium. It fuels an agency of self-love, self-expression and self-confidence. It helps you define your identity in your unique way and colours. By offering you a wide range of products to help you make your skin feel like home, we at asa are here to help you find what works best for you and also for the planet. 

This is the important conversation of change that needs attention. As more people have come out in support of makeup for wellness, we hope to add to the discussion with our mindful makeup with a story of confidence and inclusivity. Makeup is for everyone, it is abstract, subjective, borderless and genderless. Makeup today is here to lift you and help you put your best foot forward. Makeup is a step towards wellness. 

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