With more than 92% natural products in asa’s range of products, the promise of conscious, guilt-free beauty will always remain intact. While you feel good, using asa’s formulations, our amalgamations are mixed to make you look good too. To transform the uneven patches that worry you or the discolouration you may have under your eyes as a result of burning the midnight oil, asa gives you the Terracotta Orange Cream Corrector to help you always put your best foot forward. 

What is a Cream Corrector?

A transformational product, a colour corrector like asa’s Cream Corrector is meant to mask any uneven skin tones on your face. The shade neutralises the deeper areas of your skin, giving you an even, flawless skin tone. The corrector will act as a base for your concealer, to blend seamlessly. 

Why Terracotta Orange? 

Orange can be an intimidating shade to add to your makeup routine, however, the reasons behind our Cream Corrector are well thought out. At asa, our formulations are made keeping the global Indian in mind. We want to be the answer to clean, conscious beauty, the global Indian has long been seeking. As a brand that is by Indians, and for Indians, it is paramount that our correctors sit perfectly on the diverse Indian skin. 

The Terracotta Orange’s warm hue is perfect for balancing out any cool undertones like blue, dark under-eye circles or dark pigmentation on your skin. 

Opposite from blue on the colour theory, orange helps balance tones, especially for warmer undertones. If you’re unsure what your undertone is, you can read how to identify it for yourself here.

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Your Cream Corrector should be the second step in your makeup routine. 

After priming, apply asa’s Cream Corrector on areas of your face that may need correction. These areas could include your under-eye circles or even the corners of your lips. 

Warm the product between your fingers and gently dab it over your skin. 

Next, apply the Easy Blend Concealer on top of your corrector for even coverage of the skin. 

P.S: To avoid the corrector blending into your concealer, pat asa’s Finishing Powder slightly on top of the corrector before applying the concealer. 

A nourishing blend of Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil and Bakuchiol, asa’s Terracotta Orange Cream Corrector nourishes your skin while helping the concealer blend seamlessly. The Cocoa Seed butter helps the corrector hold moisture while the Moringa Seed Oil helps minimize dark spots and hyperpigmentation. 

At asa, every product is made with clean, conscious goodness to give you beauty that makes you look good and feel good. 

Experience asa’s range of purposeful, luxurious beauty for yourself, and tell us your favourite experiences here!



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