Love. That often indescribable feeling which many over the years have tried to penn down. Love is the art that takes many shapes, forms and sizes. The blank canvas which gives one the uninhibited freedom to make their own vision. And, it is undeniably the most memorable feeling from the first time you feel it tickle your belly  and your eyes glisten like diamonds. 

While this time of the month may have people moping, we believe in spreading love and no, just for romantic love. Take this moment to cherish not just your significant other but your best friend, that aunt who always checks up on you or your pooch who never looks at you with anything but pure adoration. Especially now, is the time to shower some affection on yourself.

The journey to loving oneself is a lot harder than finding love elsewhere. This is because we have set our own bars so high that it is nearly impossible to reach. Which is why it is important to take that time to do the little things that help us fall in love with ourselves. After all, you are the one you should love most in this world. 

Since music is a universally acknowledged medium of love that transcends borders, languages and all sorts of barriers, we curated a special playlist for you. This playlist will take you through the nostalgia of your first love, get you to dance in your bedroom alone or even cook a date night dinner to. 

Happy Listening! 

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Songs in order:

La Vie En Rose - Daniela Andrade

Tum Jab Paas - Prateek Kuhad 

C’est Si Bon - Eartha Kitt

Say You Love Me - Jessie Ware

Sham - Amit Trivedi 

Work Song - Hozier 

Mystery of Love - Sufjan Stevens 

I’m in the Mood for Love - Julie London 

Sea of Love - Cat Power

Choo Loo - The Local Train 

Fly Me to the Moon - Frank Sinatra 

I Love you Baby, I Love you Doll - Parekh & Singh 

Ye Tumhari Meri Baatein - Dominique 

Copulations - Peter Cat Recording Co. 

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