India, asa’s homeland is a beautiful amalgamation of customs, colours, cultures, and celebrations. This celebration is what drives the formulations at asa, as we research and curate shades that are designed for the global Indian. At asa, we provide what the global Indian has been looking for with vegan, sustainable products that are specifically handcrafted for them.

An ode to the dynamism you find in every corner of our country, our shades are hand-selected and made with nourishing Shea Butter that soothe chapped lips. At asa, our bullets are made to fit every mood, personality, and woman that would like her smile to truly represent who she is. 

From bold, fierce Reds to kind, and graceful nudes — asa has a shade for you.

Stunning Reds: 

To the women who are pioneers, change makers and an inspiration to many around you, we present our reds that will help you stun those who ever doubted you. 

Radiant Ruby: 

Seekers of adventurers, takers of risk, and pioneers of change radiate zeal that is invincible and magnetic. Radiant Ruby is a shade for women of power and change, giving them that bold, undefeatable look that matches their spirit. 

Calm Cranberry: 

A deep Cranberry red that is as sharp as it is calm, this shade is for those who do not lose their calm, even in the face of the worst storm. Because all they need is their wit to overcome it, our Calm Cranberry is the perfect shade. 

Hearty Hibiscus: 

A shade so bright and vivacious that it makes heads turn, Hearty Hibiscus is for you that emits life and laughter. It’s a shade that will complement your zest, grace and passion. This lipstick is perfect for the bold, brazen and lively. 

Pretty Pinks: 

Feminine, fierce and flamboyant, our Popping Pinks are designed to accentuate your elegance and allure. 

Flamboyant Flamingo: 

The life of the party, the soul of a room, this shade was made for you. With a vibrant pink hue that captures your spirit with grace, Flamboyant Flamingo is a shade perfect for the woman that a party waits for. 

Fiery Fig: 

Femininity is not timid, it is not shy nor is it frightened. It is fierce, intense and beautiful. Fiery Fig is a tone for the women that are unafraid, unyielding and unconquerable. 

Pretty Petunia: 

For the determined, unyielding soul that shines through any challenge that meets her, we present our Pretty Petunia. A shade made for the woman that is the calm in the chaos, and the cheer in a competition. 

Ravishing Browns:

Our nude collection is for women who exude confidence through vulnerability, genuinity and sincerity. 

Candid Coffee: 

Like a cup of coffee that wakes you up, there are women who can make you feel alive and wake you up to the truth with subtlety. Candid Coffee, is a hue perfect for the genuine, honest woman. 

Alive Autumn: 

Like the season, change needs courage. Adaptability is what drives Autumn and it is what drives the courageous women who find no challenge too huge. For the ever growing woman, we present the Alive Autumn. 

 Ravishing Rose: 

 Capturing your sombre elegance is the Ravishing Rose. A hue that was made for the gentle, kind woman who is as strong as she is soft. 

Eccentric Berries: 

Individualistic, unique and for women who dare to be different — we present our Eccentric Berries shade.

Bold Berries: 

 In a world that prides itself on fitting people into boxes, there are those bold enough to be who they are unapologetically. Our Bold Berries hue is for the uniquely different and unconventional woman. 

Plush Plum: 

A shade so vivid that it fits the woman who waits, pauses, but doesn’t give up. For the tenacious soul inside you, we present the Plush Plum. 

Alluring Almond: 

The charming, alluring woman who breaks hearts and mends broken souls deserves a shade that shows off her mysterious smile - we present our Alluring Almond. 

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