In a land of diversity, asa’s range of 18 hues under the Hydra Matte and Creme collection is curated to complement every unique undertone. Formulated and researched especially for the global Indian skin, asa strives to celebrate every colour, culture and woman by offering vegan, sustainable options that suit them seamlessly. 

To choose the best shade for you, it is necessary to know your skin’s undertone. Your skin tone isn’t what we’re talking about. That is what you see when you look in a mirror. Undertones is that subtle shade right underneath your skin. Knowing this will help you choose the perfect shades of makeup that is created for you and fits you. 

There are three kinds of undertones — Warm, Cool and Neutral. 

Once you’ve identified your tone, it’ll be easier for you to choose your hues and makeup that compliments your skin tone.

What types of undertones exist?

Warm Undertones:

If the underlying colours of your skin are more golden, peachy or yellow, your undertone is warm. 

Warm undertones will always play well with warm and earthy hues like deep orange, or red. asa lipsticks for warm undertone: 

  1. Plush Plum 
  2. Captivating Clay 
  3. Playful Peach 
  4. Calm Cranberry 
  5. Radiant Ruby 
  6. Alluring Almond 

Cool Undertones: 

If the underlying colours of your skin lean more towards bluish or pinkish hues, your undertone is cool. 

A lipstick shade that leans towards bluish hues with bright red shades that veers towards blue and not orange is just what you need to match your undertone. asa lipsticks for cool undertone: 

  1. Breezy Bougainvillea 
  2. Tender Tulip 
  3. Ravishing Rose 
  4. Fiery Fig 
  5. Hearty Hibiscus 
  6. Flamboyant Flamingo 
  7. Alive Autumn 
  8. Pretty Petunia 
  9. Posh Pomegranate

Neutral Undertones: 

Neither here nor there, this essentially means your undertones match your skin tone perfectly. 

All of asa’s 18 lipstick shades would perfectly blend with your skin to give you are a neutral undertone.

What is my undertone?: 

To choose the makeup that blends naturally with your skin, you need to know your undertone. There three ways to do this: 

1. What does true white say?

Take a white sheet of paper and hold it against your skin in the mirror in a room with bright, natural lighting. If your skin looks pinkish or bluish against the paper, your undertone is cool. If it looks golden or yellow, it is warm. If you don’t see any underlying hues, your undertone is neutral. 

2. What do your veins say?

Simply take a look at your wrists and see what colour your veins are. If your veins seem green or olive green, your undertone is warm.

If your veins seem bluish or purple-ish, you have a cool undertone. 

If you cannot see your veins at all, your undertone is neutral. 

3. The Golden Test: 

Simply put, if golden jewellery looks better on you than silver, your undertone is warmer. 

If silver suits you better, your undertone is cool. 

If both golden and silver jewellery looks great on you, you have a neutral undertone. 

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