Beauty is not just about how you take care of yourself physically, but mentally as well. We apply the art of make-up to look good, consume balanced diets for good health but then what about the mind? What we pay the least attention to are the things we cannot see, touch or show immediate physical results. Especially during these trying times of undefined work hours and an uncertain future, both your mind and body tend to work overtime, levying a toll on your skin, dulling your shine. 

Which is why taking the weekend off to yourself goes a long way in bettering your wellbeing. To help you slow down, we have curated a list of easy activities you could try for a mindful weekend.

Tip 1:

Begin your day easy. Set your alarm 5 minutes earlier so that you have enough time to wake up comfortably rather than rushed. Lay in a cosy position, stretch and yawn a little then take deep mindful breaths, check-in on your emotions and be mindful of what you’re feeling. 

A fresh and calm start to the day can make a visible and enormous difference to your mood and energy for the day. 

Tip 2:

Put your phone down. This is probably the most difficult task but keep your phone away in the morning to step out of the virtual world into the real one. The internet can take up so much of your time, constantly feeding you with information to process. It overworks your mind without you knowing.  

Give the time you would stay on your phone to yourself for pampering and selfcare. 

Tip 3: 

Be mindful of what you eat. Whether it’s a sip of coffee or brunch, pay attention to the flavour, texture and aroma, slowly and mindfully to help take your mind off stress. We often spend dining hours watching our favourite TV show not realizing that our mind is still at work.

So take that time off to do these little mindful moments like relishing some hot homemade food. 

Tip 4: 

Do something relaxing yet rewarding. Be it reading a book, cooking your favourite meal or cleaning your vanity area. Pick one among these tasks that you think could help you remain calm yet also achieve something. If you ask us, our favourite task to do is cleaning makeup brushes, discarding expired products and reorganizing the vanity space. 

This is not only satisfying but organizing your space creates this little lasting excitement. It gives you something to look forward to.

Tip 5: 

Last but not least - all things selfcare and self-love. Unwind and unload by giving yourself some ‘me’ time of pampering and selfcare. Run a warm bath, drink plenty of water throughout the day, give yourself a facial steam or even make a DIY face pack with clean ingredients.

Indulge in your own selfcare routine to help you relax and rejuvenate. 


Spending your weekends mindfully not only boosts your mood making you ready for the weekdays but also visibly brings back the glow on your skin. A positive, relaxed mind is always reflected in the sparkle in your eyes and the natural illumination of your beautiful face.

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