Environment Day may be an onslaught of information and shocking facts about climate change following you everywhere on the internet but for us, at asa, it is the perfect opportunity to show you how easy and efficient upcycling our sustainable packaging is! 

We are proud to have partnered with Bare Necessities, a brand and knowledge hub of everything zero waste. This collaboration is an extension of asa’s dedication to not contributing to the growing waste generated by the beauty industry through our vegan formulations and FSC certified packaging. 

To take a step further, Bare Necessities founder Sahar Mansoor takes us through some easy steps to transform your work or study station using asa’s packaging. Find some easy upcycling tips listed below:

A Pen Stand:

If you hate having to hunt for your favourite pen in your home drawers, an easy hack is to use the outer packaging of asa’s Creme or Hydra Matte Lipstick to arrange your favourite stationary! 

Bulletin Pin Holder:

Do you also keep using your bulletin pins and end up hurting yourself in the process of searching for them? Take the secondary packaging of asa’s Powder Foundation or Luminizing Powder to have a clean view of any sharp stationary you might have. 

Jewellery Holder:

Have tiny earrings that you would like to keep close to your vanity? Use our Powder Foundation or Finishing Powder Aluminium case and store your little jewellery and give your dressing table an aesthetic vibe.

Aluminium Art:

Get creative with our Aluminium Packaging, paint them and create your own work of art - customize it to your taste to carry in your makeup pouch or place it in your vanity or utilize them to decorate a centerpiece at home.

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