Why sustainable luxury is the future

Sustainable luxury is the future. It is not an eco-friendly product seeking a premium image but instead, it is a luxury product with sustainable values. A renowned marketing professor and the author of ‘Kapferer on Luxury’, Jean Noel Kapferer sheds light on this connection:

“Luxury is at its essence very close to sustainable preoccupations because it is nourished by rarity and beauty and thus has an interest in preserving them.”

Gen Z makes up at least 30% of the sales of luxury brands as per a study conducted by Luxury Abode. A majority of the millennial consumers would willingly spend a little more if it comes from a socially conscious brand. This is why sustainable luxury is the future.

Luxury - with a purpose

When you first think about sustainability and luxury, you realise they are two very different words. The word luxury comes from rewarding oneself but also relates with excess or waste, often the undertone for ‘couture’ or ‘extravagance’ or ‘indulgence’. When we think of sustainability, we think of everlasting goodness and reusing, repurposing and refilling. It is often associated with words like ‘environment’ or ‘long term’ or ‘climate change’. So, how can the two words come together?

In between all the grandeur and ethical living, you look for something that is distinctive and unique. In the long run, sustainability will be the key to differentiate between a good and responsible brand and a reckless money-generating brand. 

5 luxury sustainable accessories for the win
1. AZGA Fine Artistry

A curation by two entrepreneurial sisters, Nikita and Namita, AZGA is a platform for artisanal projects handcrafted in India. Experience impeccable craftsmanship with accessories and jewellery made with finesse and love in Jaipur, India.

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2. Eurumme Jewellery

Environmentally conscious, gender fluid and handcrafted in our beautiful country - what’s not to love? Every Eurumme design reflects a raw aesthetic, leading no two pieces to be exactly the same.Semi-precious stones and metals, together with plating and electroplating combine to produce a piece of imperfectly perfect jewellery, that emanates beauty and finesse.

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3. Baka Jewelry

Sustainable, slow-designed, contemporary and ethically handcrafted jewellery is what makes sustainable future heirlooms at Baka. Each piece is made from clean material, trend agnostic and emotionally durable. 

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4. Okhai

True pieces of art take form at Okhai when authentic handcrafted products impact the lives of 27000 artisans! With the aim to protect ancient crafts from extinction, Okhai is a voice for the locals and a beautiful print made for you.

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5. Ed-a-Mamma

A conscious clothing brand that cares about children and the earth. We are responsible for the future of our little ones and here’s a brand that supports us! Clothes made in India, for children to play in, have fun and just live in.

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Choose purposeful luxury for a future of goodness
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