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Art of giving

We are constantly seeking avenues through which we can 'give back' to our planet, our society, and ourselves. Choosing to connect with the Young People's Initiative (YPI) Maitrayana Charity Foundation was one such decision. Using sports as a catalyst, the initiative helps young adolescent girls acquire knowledge, cultivate skills, change attitudes and behaviour, gain confidence, and reach their full potential. This will enable them to become future agents of change in their family and community. The undertakings by the Young People's Initiative (YPI) as part of Maitrayana Charity Foundation can be found here www.maitrayana.in

Sincerely Ethical

Strictly vegan and cruelty free, with ethical sourcing and manufacturing processes in place, one of our core beliefs lies in running our company in the most ethical manner. Animal compassion is another value that we hold close to our hearts. Hence, we choose ingredients that are solely plant-based and work towards discovering alternatives to commonly used beeswax, honey, etc. Additionally, our testing is done on human volunteers with their informed consent only, and never on animals. Our regular audits and checks ensure that our value chain partners adhere to our strict standards of excellence as well.


Origins Rooted in Nature

asa is an innovative enterprise by the same family running Jindal Naturecure Institute. This carries with it the ethos and learnings about caring for the environment - harnessing the power of nature as a primary healer and adhering to precise standards while doing so. We believe that to live a more healthy and holistic life, we must aspire to live more consciously and make mindful choices.

Sustainably Created

Every step in the journey of asa is taken with immense care for your well-being by providing you with products that showcase our deep commitment to you and the planet. Our products are exquisitely crafted in aluminium enclosures that are refillable, reusable, and recyclable through our unique refill programme. We have consciously eliminated bubble wrap from our shipments and plastic from our manufacturing process to attain authentic sustainability.

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