Brand Story – asa beauty

Welcome aboard the journey of

purposeful luxury with asa

the answer to clean, conscious beauty, the global Indian woman has long been seeking in her homeland.

Imagine coming face to face with beauty that is crafted to give you the finest experience. Beauty that is seen through the lens of wellness and mindful living, yet envisioned to suit your world. Leading the path with its movement in ‘Clean Awakening’, asa draws its inspiration from what the discerning Indian woman has always desired but perhaps never fully experienced.A catalyst in creating a more aware way of being, asa goes beyond the perception of conventional beauty to create a world that is designed to constantly give back. Just so she can reassess her every beauty choice, making the experience a far more gratifying one than she ever imagined.

A true confidant in that sense, asa is a feeling, a journey, a revolution, that truly understands her. Offering an array of exquisite, purposeful products that are vegan, sustainable, free from animal cruelty and inspired by the purity of nature, asa gives the Indian woman a choice to embrace authentic products that accentuate her natural beauty, all while also preserving the environment.

Sourcing quality ingredients and doing extensive research to create safe yet performance-driven natural product formulations that are custom to the Indian skin tones across the world is at the heart of the brand, along with its commitment towards sustainability. This is where asa’s unique ‘Refillable Program’ comes into play. The nature-inspired reusable cases have been specially crafted, all while keeping aesthetics and luxury in mind. Poised to become the contemporary Indian woman’s most natural choice, asa aims to change the beauty landscape of India with products that are sustainably created, ethically produced and visually beautiful. asa not only gives this woman the choice of purposeful luxury, but also inspires in her a sense of conscious confidence through its movement in Clean Awakening.

Essentially, it is a lifestyle that begets

goodness, with a brand that

accentuates it.

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