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The asa Loyalty Programme gives you the chance to earn points through your shopping and redeem them for your favorite products. Begin your journey today.

how it works

Step up to new tier and reedem rewards of your choice.

member rewards

Your Benefits & Rewards Seed
0 - 15k
15k - 25k
25k - 40k
Birthday Delights Yes Yes
VIP events/masterclass Yes Yes
Share your Experience 50 points 50 points 50 points
Refer a friend 100 points 100 points 100 points

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The asa loyalty programme has been designed to reward our customers by creating a special system where you can get exclusive access to product previews and offers, while earning points with every purchase you make. These points can be easily redeemed on your next purchase, allowing you to experience asa time and again.
You can simply join by shopping on our website and redeem those points in your next purchase. It does not extra cost to be part of the programme.
Earn a point for every rs. 100 that you spend on our website, which can be redeemed towards exclusive benefits and rewards. There are 3 membership tiers: 1. Seed - 0 to Rs.15,000, 2. Bud - Rs. 15,000 to 25,000 and 3. Flower - Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000. After making your first purchase, you will automatically be placed in the ‘Seed’ tier and be eligible for all it’s associated benefits. As your cumulative spend on the website increases, you will keep graduating to the next tier.
Refer to the table above.
Earn 1 point for every Rs. 100 that you spend on the website. You can also earn points by referring asa to your friends and by writing reviews on our website. These points can be redeemed when making your next purchase.
The points will reflect 24-48 hours of your purchase, submission of review or friend referral.
Once you have made a purchase and experienced our products, you can simply visit the product page on our website and write a review. Once the review has submitted, 50 points should reflect in your account within 1-2 business days.
No, the points do not have an expiry date.
Tier benefits are valid for as long as the points accumulated in your account correspond to a specific tier. If you move down a tier, your benefits change accordingly. You are required to make a minimum cumulative spend of Rs. 5000 over a period of 12 months to maintain your tier status once you have been upgraded. In the event that you do not make a purchase within this duration, you drop a tier.
If you are a Bud or Flower tier member, you are eligible for a birthday surprise from us, wherein you will receive a product or a voucher at the start of your birthday month.
When you sign up for the asa Loyalty Programme, you receive a unique link which when shared with a friend, allows your friend to receive a reward at checkout while making a purchase. Once the friend’s transaction is through, you stand to receive 100 points of the purchase amount credited in the form of points into your account within 1-2 business days. It is also important to note that the friend should not be an existing member of the asa Loyalty Programme.
You can go to the accounts page on our website and simply click on ‘forgot password’ and follow the instructions to reset your password.

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